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Comparison between our solutions

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In today’s rapidly-changing business world, the question is whether or not You should get a payroll software solution for your business. Rather, it’s what Type you should get.

Before getting into too much detail, the first question you should ask is whether you should get desktop-based or web-based payroll software. And understanding their differences can help you zero in on the software you will purchase.

Feature Comparison of Desktop & Web Payroll

Software Modules/Features

Web Version

Desktop Version

Corporate Information/Admin Module
Master Setup
Employee Information Management
Leave Management System
Time/Attendance Management System
Payroll Management System
Claims/Benefit Management
User Allowance/Deduction Management
Employee Transfer, Promotion & Increments
Integration With Fingerprint / Face / RF Card Machine
Income Tax-Form 16 / Form 12
Employee In/Out management
Loan Management System
Staff Canteen Management*
Company Structure & Organogram
Employee Gratuity Management
Staff Recruitment System
Staff Appraisal System
Employee Training Records Module
MIS & Salary Reports
Integration with Microsoft words & Excel
Multi-Branch Payroll Mgmt