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Do you know that on an average manual attendance process takes 60 minutes to mark attendance of 1000 employees?

Capturing Employees’ Attendance is a very important part for company’s Profit & reliability. The word attendance is simple, but to capture the accurate attendance of Employee can be a challenging task for HR Person. The Attendance capturing process becomes more troublesome when it comes to capturing data of multiple shifts. Even it becomes headache when it comes to capture attendance of Onsite or Field Employee. So the question is How to capture the accurate attendance? Solution would be implementing precise policies and to have the best Attendance Management System. Implement Biometric.



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Orange Technolab Attendance Management system provides all these benefits. Our customers across the globe use this hassle-free, single click Attendance Module integrated with Payroll System to process the salary every month.

It is said that “Being punctual shows that you respect the others time and you are not willing to waste it”

In early days capturing the information was not cumbersome process. Usually attendance was captured in Register Manually and after 1985 when excel was introduced as a mode of capturing the attendance. There were increased chances of Human error and obsolescence of files and registers when it comes to reflect accurate attendance for multiple shifts.

On a payroll tenure, you HR Person or Payroll Person have to collect, compile & verify the attendance manually which can be a time-consuming yet painful task to do with high chances of human errors.

Benefits of Using a Attendance Management System