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Why You Have To Invest In Attendance Management System - Human Resources and Payroll Software | HR | Payroll Software

From traditional punch cards to the biometric system, tracking employees active days and working hours are essential to the process of an organization. Employees are mostly expected to have a track of their duty check-in time and also their check out time. In reality, the organizations that are following a traditional approach must have seen that employees fill their timesheets in a hurry before they leave from the workplace. We’ll discuss all the top reasons why you have to invest in the Attendance Management System.

Having a manual attendance keeping records generally reduce employees morale and productivity. Filling out attendance registers after working days lead to inaccuracies and tampering.

Without a trustable Attendance Management System, employees have to face issues like payroll errors and more. If you want to save the time of your organization, you will need an appropriate Attendance Management System which will help you to save time, eliminate bottlenecks, reduce administrative work, and most importantly, maintain the accurate attendance records. First of all, let’s get to know what is the Attendance Management System?

What is the Attendance Management System?

An Attendance Management System is a software which keeps a track of every employee’s working hours. It is a process through which you can record the entry & leaving time of your employees at the workplace. The software effectively and efficiently maintains the records of your employees. This software also records login time, breaks, and leave of employees. Attendance Management System not only manage clients properly but it also helps in reducing the time of HR manager spend on administrative activities. Some of the disadvantages of not having an Attendance Management Software are:-

  •       Lack of transparency in your Attendance Management Software
  •       Waste of time because of the traditional attendance process or punch cards.
  •       Anyone can modify confidential data of attendance easily.
  •       Lack of functionalities like approvals & biometric integration.
  •       You can’t prevent risk like buddy punching.
  •       Lack of informed business decisions.
  •       Scheduling total no of employees and active persons is a difficult task.

Now, let’s talk about the essential features which should available in every Attendance Management System.

Essential Features of Attendance Management System

1.     Web-Based System

With a proper web-based system, you can track, stores collects, displays, stay up to date the timesheets and also HR managers can get rid of paper files and other time-consuming process.

An attendance management system should be cloud-based which will,

  •      Increase in accuracy
  •       Ensure the appropriate data integrity
  •       Reduce time-consuming works like administrative works
  •       Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR department
  •       Improve employee productivity and morale &
  •       Reduce admin costs.

Having a web-based or cloud-based attendance management system will maintain an accurate record of attendance data with no need for supervision. Above all, there are no worries of missed punches and incorrect timing entries of staff.

The Attendance management software displays each time-related information on a single screen and saves a much amount of time which are going in maintaining & analyzing the records manually.

2. Suitable For Remote Work

By using cloud-based Attendance Management System, organizations can satisfy employees who don’t wish to be tied inside a single office. For the present generation and future on, remote working is now a new trend of life. Almost every organization is now working on ‘work from home’ concept. Because of this, employers no longer work with on spot attendance trackers.

What you need is an Attendance Management Software which is always accessible from anywhere and which can track employees working hours on the go. This software can go beyond the essential features and monitoring the attendance of the employees. The attendance management software maintains the working hours of employees while working remotely. Also, these Attendance management software is flexible, pocket-friendly and free from hassle free installation.

3. Request Of Leaves

An ideal Attendance Management System should track record of employee’s leaves. Monitoring employee’s absence, as well as presence, is necessary for every business and organization. Whether it is a sick leave or planned vacation, everything should be tracked appropriately. Attendance management software integrates all the details of attendance calendar and smooth workforce planning.

4. Integration & Reporting

An effective & efficient Attendance Management Software integrates effortlessly with other software like accounting and more. Your attendance management software can connect with other apps and software easily without any trouble, duplication and other problems.

The software not just only saves time but also prevent from errors and good at improving data accuracy. The attendance management software is integration-friendly.

Other Benefits of Attendance Management Software

  •       The software can create visually rich efficient reports
  •       Keep an eye on employee’s working trends and shift patterns
  •       Can make a huge impact on an organization’s performance
  •       Always ensures performance and accuracy
  •       Improves employees productivity and boost morale
  •       Eliminate risks and errors while enforces policies and regulations of organization

This is all about the reasons why you have to invest in the Attendance Management System.