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Efficiently hiring new employees can be a challenging job for HR and managers. With the expectation that the preponderance of new hires was there to stay for a long time, traditional orientation programs consisted of a brief introduction to the organization and a lot of paperwork. Still, this responsibility has become even more complicated with the entrance of a new generation of employees. Today’s topmost talents are seeing for more than just a job and are not frightened to job jaunt until they find the right fit. In a recent survey, 80% of executives said retaining new hires was an issue in their organization.

Surprisingly, In General Survey it was found that only 9.5% of HR managers don’t consider their onboarding processes need to be improved. In fact, 40% went so far as to agree that “time and money are spent because of dysfunctional onboarding processes.”

Over the past five years, some firms and SME’s have eliminated their old orientation programs and established a new strategy to onboarding – a manner how new employees gain the requisite expertise, abilities and practices to become productive long-term employees. The longer it takes an employee to become habitual to the norms of the company, the longer it takes the organization to see their return on investment.

By adding new employees to the mission and values of the company from an initial step, they encompass company-wide methods faster. It is, therefore, essential that the new employee’s onboarding be as smooth as possible. By having a thriving onboarding program, companies can enjoy a greater rate of employee engagement and retention. Here are challenges an efficient onboarding process should address.

Challenge-1 Day-1

Over flooded Information & Documents

Everyone is tense on their first day of work. And the reason for that anxiety varies. It could be learning new processes. It might be filling out the onboarding formalities. Or it might be introductions with new names and adjusting to all the new personality. It’s a lot to take in one day one.

A paperless solution eradicates the need for hard copy paperwork with questionable handwriting (is that and a or an o?). It stores all the documents firmly, so nothing gets lost. Consider of how many errors could be avoided by implementation the paperless vs. guessing what the employee intended to write? And with the documents stored in the on-premises or in cloud, you never have to worry about misplaced/mislaid paperwork when you need it most.

Some of this you can’t evade. But when it comes to the onboarding formalities, there’s absolutely a solution. Choosing to automate your onboarding official procedure with an  electronic solution frees up occasion for both you and your new employee. It also eases the stress of completing the forms quickly and accurately on the first day. Your new recruits can complete the paperwork anytime, anywhere, and from any device with a solution like Ultimatix Payroll & HRMS – Onboarding Module. Now, that’s suitable and stress-free.

It’s time to make a shift and ease many challenges with one solution. Our Ultimatix Payroll & HRMS – Onboarding Module can help and it won’t break the bank while doing it. You must see it to believe it

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