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Ultimatix Payroll & HRMS

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Standard Features of Ultimatix Payroll and HRMS Software

Payroll software lets you manage the entire employee lifecycle on one unified HR solutions platform. The Cloud-based Payroll & HR-Software which provides complete solution to SMEs form different industries across the globe. Employee dashboard helps them to access their pay and leave details and undertake various activities such as to request for leave, cancellation of leave, etc.


Right from raising requisitions, to posting a job on the careers portal, and applicant sourcing from multiple channels.


Our software makes sure that your employee’s life cycle in your organization is as smooth and seamless as it can be right from the beginning.

Core HR

In the HR data sense, core HR means the personnel information required to legally employ and administer to employees.

Payroll Management

The Payroll Management System deals with the financial aspects of employee’s salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay, net pay etc.

Employee Management

An Employee Data-center is designed to simplify the process of record maintenance of employees in an organization.

Talent Management

While having the right talent on board is important, what is even more important is how you nurture it.

Time Attendance

Capturing Employees Attendance is a very important part for company’s Profit & reliability.

Reward Management

Reward & Recognition will help boost employee motivation, morale and encourage them to outperform the expectations.

MIS & Analytics

MIS report stands for Management Information System report. MIS report provides a concise view on the various parameters that are vital.

Expense Management

Managing your employees’ daily expenses has never been easier. 

HR Workflow

HR workflows are the set of predictable and repetitive tasks within any HR process.This means that before an item begins the workflow.

Mobile Application

Our software is complete, powerful and responsive mobile software is designed to allow enterprises & take user adoption to.

Our Client’s Success Stories

“We are using Ultimatix Payroll and HRMS Solution since many years. I will let my all HR Fraternity member to know about this, they could really make use of Payroll and HRMS Solution! It really saves my time and effort. Payroll and HRMS Solution is exactly what our business has been lacking. Keep up the excellent work”

–  Wonder cement


Attendance system is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. Thanks for the great service. Really good. 


“Ultimatix Payroll and HRMS solution is awesome! It’s incredible. Keep up the excellent work. I like Payroll and more and more each day because it makes HR Persons life a lot easier.”

–  Polycab

“I will refer everyone I know. Ultimatix Payroll Mobile Application is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. It fits our needs perfectly.”


Why Ultimatix Payroll?


Customized application software for all your HR related needs ,you can mold according to your business policies and procedures

Statutory Compliances

Generating reports for PF ESI PT TDS with Bank remittances is now on your fingertips, we  provides industry-leading software integrations for JV, We helps you do more in less time.

Top-Notch Support

Purely dedicated customer support services by our technician and software engineers with micro focus on software support to update the latest policy reforms mandated by HR and Government laws.

Manager's Self Service Portal (MSS)

Time is money.  So whether you’re managing Leaves for 1 employee or 500, our “Manager Self Service” Login means you can access all your employees information with a single login and dashboard.

Inbuilt Business Intelligence

Self Service Business Intelligence for HR Manager’s, For management of information service of entire organizations payroll

Employee's Self Service Portal (ESS)

Employee portal of Self Service to check Payslip,Leave Balance and to apply Leave,Travel application hassle free.


What is Ultimatix Payroll & HRMS, and what is included in it?

A payroll system is software designed to organize all the tasks of employee payment and the filing of employee taxes. These tasks can include keeping track of hours, calculating wages, withholding taxes and deductions, printing and delivering checks, completing direct deposit, paying premiums to insurance carriers, and paying employment taxes to the government.

Payroll software often requires very little input from the employer. The employer is required to input employee wage information and hours. Then the software uses the information to perform calculations and deduct withholdings automatically. Most payroll software is automatically updated whenever a tax law changes and will remind employers when to file various tax forms.

Automate Your Leave Requests Using LMS

Navigating the leave management minefield without a leave management system is a tricky challenge. When you’re equipped only with conventional tools like paper forms, emails, and excel sheets, your chances of survival are pretty low. Even small missteps can cause disasters like resource crunch, payroll processing errors, and legal complications.

Despite the high impact on productivity and employee engagement, organizations are not ready to revamp their awkward manual process of handling leave requests. At several organizations, the employees are still running behind their managers with leave forms to get a signature. Whereas, the managers are scurrying around excel sheets to figure out leave balances.

Ultimatix Payroll & HRMS
ultimatix ess dashboard

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We provide free demo of Payroll and HRMS that is cloud based and also available in desktop. A full HRMS system that compliance paycheck and payslips and a proper payroll accounting & hr management software. That also manages entire business process management system related Human Capital Management.

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18 Years ago, We started Orange Technolab Pvt Ltd. Today we hire 100 in-house strength & totaling over 150 years of experience across the team. We create products and software, that can automate business process to ease and bring you real use, better results, and more profits to organizations.